We guarantee that all products crafted with the TrueTimber® name are of the highest quality and developed with the hunter in mind. No matter what game you’re after—your TrueTimber® gear is sure to keep up.
Premium Camouflage Jackets | True Timber Camo
Jackets The jacket is a critical element found in every hunter's gear stash. It protects against the wind, the rain, and provides concealment during the hunt. Whatever the hunt may bring, make sure you've got the right jacket for the job.
Premium Camouflage Lightweight Tops | True Timber
Lightweight Tops Whether you need a layering piece or a lightweight shirt for warm weather hunts, we've got you covered.
Premium Camouflage Pants | True Timber Camo
Pants There's no question a pair of pants will be put to the test by every hunter. Climbing trees, army-crawling to stalk Spring Gobblers, and forging shin-high creeks are just a few things our pants will endure in pursuit of our game. Find a pair that keeps up with your hunting style here.
Premium Camouflage Base Layers | True Timber Camo
Base Layers TrueTimber® Base Layers and hunting go hand-in-hand. Not only will they keep you warm by fitting comfortably against the skin - but their unique odor fighting technologies will keep you virtually scent free.
Premium Camouflage Women's Clothing | True Tim
Women's Clothing For all the lady hunters out there - we've got gear just for you! Our women's line of camouflage clothing has a bit of style added to it!
Premium Camouflage Youth Clothing | True Timber Ca
Youth For the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.
Premium Camouflage Casual Wear | True Timber Camo
Casual Wear Represent your favorite outdoor activity with your favorite TrueTimber® Camo pattern. Kick back and relax in style.
Premium Camouflage Accessories | True Timber Camo
Accessories Don’t leave your truck or the base camp without these essential components.
Premium Camouflage Cover Suits | True Timber Camo
Cover Suits Take your concealment to a new level—get closer than ever to the game with TrueTimber® cover suits.
Premium Camouflage Hunting Blinds | True Timber Ca
Hunting Blinds A Ground Blind is a useful tool for any hunter. Whether you're run-and-gun hunting or taking youth into the woods for their first time - ground blinds conceal sudden movements when the heat is on!
Premium Camouflage Heated Clothing | True Timber C
Heated Clothing Don't let extremely cold conditions prevent you from an all-day hunt. Layer up with battery powered apparel that will help keep your mind on the hunt and not the frigid temperature.
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