TrueTimber AirPack Blind Coming Soon!

The  NEW TRUETIMBER Strata Lightweight Collection is a full body covering system designed from the ground up for early fall hunts in any terrain. With hand chosen breathable fabrics and field tested design features, this collection is

a must for every gear bag.




When you license our industry-leading patterns you will see why so many people are switching to TrueTimber. A license with TrueTimber isn’t just an endorsement; it’s an invitation to join our growing family. Our mission is to develop meaningful and long lasting relationships with our licensees. Our team is devoted to serving you and helping your products ascend in the outdoor market. We offer you the ability to take advantage of our fast growing brand and become a valuable member of our family.


Combining our innovative camouflage patterns

with high quality, feature rich silhouettes and disruptive price points, its no wonder the TrueTimber brand of apparel and accessories has quickly become one of the best selling in the outdoor industry.


We make it easy to sell TrueTimber branded products, with a 24-7 online dealer portal, no minimum order quantities, fast delivery and unparalleled account management.


Decorating is the process of adding color, textures or patterns to products of nearly any three dimensional shape or substrate. TrueTimber is partnered with some of the top names in the outdoor industry through the use of hydrographics, Kolorfusion, vinyl wrapping and other decorating techniques to apply our best selling patterns to firearms, archery, accessories and powersports. With so many combinations of decorating techniques and patterns, the possibilities are endless.  

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