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The revolutionary TrueTimber AirPackTM blind series provides hunters with a smarter, faster and wildly more efficient option to traditional ground blind technology. This simple-to-use, lightweight design brings reliability, strength and the ability to repel harsh elements without breaking. The AirPack features multiple windows and silent mesh curtains to maximize shot angles and offer all-season comfort for firearm or archery enthusiasts. Offered in two sizes and multiple popular TrueTimber patterns. 


TrueTimber's AirPack Compact Inflatable Ground Blind

 Featuring patent-pending first ever  air-supported technology 


How Does Air Beam Technology Work?

These blinds will withstand wind, heavy ice or snow accumulation and other elements that collapse and destroy conventional ground blinds with rods or poles.

Multiple Shooting Options:

TrueTimber's AirPack blinds come equipped with snap-on, removable shoot through mesh, curtains that can be moved up or down tot accommodate hunters' preferences. The Air-Beams also provide a steady rest for firearms. 

Ready to Hunt in Less Than 2 Minutes

Every TrueTimber AirPack ground blind is built for fast, efficient and quiet set up. Our double action pump makes all models simple to inflate in one to two minutes. A one-way valve is at the center of the blind roof and allows for easy access when inflating or deflating.

AirPack90 Window Options 2.jpg

The 75x75x80" dimensions and a patent pending shooting rest sewn into the walls provides a 360° degree shooting rest. 

Available in multiple fabric options and in popular TrueTimber Strata 

The 65x65x65" dimensions can expand to a maximum of 75" by anchoring the walls to provide more room and accommodate both archery and gun hunters. 

Available in TrueTimber Kanati





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