Decorating is the process of adding color, textures or patterns to products of nearly any three -dimensional shape or substrate. TrueTimber® is partnered with some of the top names in the outdoor industry through the use of hydrographics, Kolorfusion, vinyl wrapping and other decorating techniques to apply our industry leading patterns to firearms, archery, accessories and powersports. With so many combinations of decorating techniques and patterns, the possibilities are endless.     



Mossberg Strata 2
Nikon Binos
Savage 110 Strata


Hydrographics (also known as water transfer printing) is the trustworthy three-dimensional decorative process utilized by companies worldwide desiring to add visual appeal to their products by applying various graphic designs to many different materials – ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, rubber and wood. Small or large. Flat or contoured. Smooth or textured. If the material can be painted then it can be decorated with

the hydrographic process. Visionary companies from industries like Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Kitchen and Bath, Lawn and Garden, Marine, Powersports and Sporting Goods commend the value

of hydrographic decorating because the stunning and realistic results strengthen their market leadership and increase their sales.

Kolorfusion is the owner of process patents for three-dimensional

product decoration using dye sublimation. The Company’s technology

is considered a major breakthrough in product finishing. The process transfers designs into the coating of a coated product or directly into

the resin of a plastic part, regardless of the product’s shape. The result

is a durable, fully-decorated product. Kolorfusion’s technology is

cost-effective, durable, and environmentally safe. Unlike decals, silk screening, or painting, Kolorfusion’s patented process offers a full

spectrum of designs and images. Kolorfusion licenses its process

to product manufacturers and provides decoration services

to non licensees.



Vinyl Wrapping

A vinyl wrap describes the aftermarket practice of completely or partially covering a three-dimensional object's original coating with vinyl to customize the color and/or finish.  


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