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When you license our industry-leading patterns, you will see why so many people are switching to TrueTimber®. A license with TrueTimber isn’t just an endorsement; it’s an invitation to join our growing family. Our mission is to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our licensees.

The TrueTimber team is devoted to serving you and helping your products ascend in the outdoor market. Take advantage of our fast growing brand and become a valuable member of the TrueTimber family.



1) We work for our licensees, helping them get the exposure they

need to better sell their products.


2) We deliver our licensees the most realistic and high-resolution patterns in the camo industry.


3) We service our licensees from both here in the United States as

well as from our offices in Shanghai China.


4) We are a one-stop shop for all your business' needs, including: apparel, fabrics, manufacturing, licensing, and hydrographics.



1) TrueTimber is deeply grounded in relationships that matter.

2) Conservation groups are in the forefront of this philosophy.

3) Partner with like-minded brands and programs across the industry. 

4) Co-market and activate all relationships to create momentum

for  everyone involved.

5) Invest with our retail partners.

6) Covers softgoods, hardgoods, powersports, consumer products and the favorite sporting venues of our consumer. 

TrueTimber became THE MOST POPULAR, BEST SELLING CAMO BRAND IN THE WORLD by creating and supporting marketing strategies with our retail and licensed partners to successfully increase sales during a down trending retail market.

Join the hottest selling brand in the industry!

TrueTimber is the most realistic camouflage in the world. License our camo patterns and take the outdoor market by storm with a product that features our world-class camouflage patterns.

Become Part of the TrueTimber Family

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