Shoot Like A Girl and TrueTimber® to Go Live on Facebook

INMAN, S.C. – April 2, 2020 – Fans, outdoors and shooting enthusiasts are invited to join Shoot Like A Girl and TrueTimber for a Facebook Live on Monday, April 6 at 9:00 a.m. CST. TrueTimber’s Renee Earnest will talk all things hunting and outdoors with the ladies from Shoot Like A Girl. Earnest is an Account Representative and accomplished bow and firearm hunter. She will add her input on getting families in the outdoors, the feeling of hunting and eating family dinners with food provided from natural resources and cover several other topics. To add to the fun, fans can comment for a chance to win a Ladies Performance ¼ Zip from the TrueTimber online store.

“This is a great series Shoot Like A Girl is putting on considering the current state of the nation,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “Shoot Like A Girl plays a very important role in the hunting and shooting communities and we look forward to seeing them back on the road and traveling the country when the time is right. But for now, getting connected this way is great. Renee is not only a key member of the team here at TrueTimber, but she is an avid and knowledgeable outdoorswoman with tons of hunting experience. We are thrilled she can be a part of this stream and hope the fans tune in to hear a few hunting stories and learn a few things from Renee as well.”

As of March 20, Shoot Like A Girl has been hosting Facebook Live events three times a week and will continue streaming until normal operations continue. Every Monday and Friday at 9:00 a.m. and every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. CST, viewers can tune in as the team and different guests cover a wide variety of topics about the shooting sports and the outdoors.

“Since we have postponed travel to practice and promote social distancing, we needed to continue our efforts to reach women across the country,” said Karen Butler, President, SLG. “With so many people cooped up at home, we decided to bring the Shoot Like A Girl experience to them virtually by providing informative and entertaining Facebook Live sessions, with giveaways and activities for families to enjoy.”

TrueTimber is a proud partner of Shoot Like A Girl. Fans and visitors can find SLG team members sporting TrueTimber apparel at events across the nation and also learn more about why the partnership works so well in this quick video.

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About TrueTimber

Founded in 2005, TrueTimber is based in Inman, South Carolina and is the most realistic, performance-driven camouflage brand in the industry. TrueTimber offers a wide variety of clothing items and accessories, featuring 27 distinct camo patterns that perfectly blend with their surroundings. The company spends countless hours researching, testing and seeking new technology to produce the most effective and lifelike camouflage patterns possible. TrueTimber products can be found in retailers across the United States and Canada, and it continues to be one of the fastest growing camouflage companies in the world. For more information about TrueTimber, visit

About Shoot Like A Girl

Shoot Like A Girl introduces women to shooting sports one shot at a time. SLG is an organization that empowers women in the hunting and shooting industries by offering a safe and educational environment for women of all experience levels to learn and shoot who are interested in learning valuable information on handguns, rifles and bows.

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