TrueTimber®’s realistic camouflage patterns have great shelf appeal and are no stranger to the sales floor. We spend countless hours in the elements researching, designing and testing our products to ensure dealers and retailers can offer high-performance gear that is held to the toughest standards. In doing so, TrueTimber has developed hunting, fishing and lifestyle apparel, as well as the NEW AirPack ground blind series, that is built to handle anything users can throw at it. This is one reason why stores everywhere are making the switch to TrueTimber products. 



NEW TrueTimber's AirPack Blind

 Featuring patent-pending first ever air-supported technology 


The revolutionary TrueTimber AirPackTM blind series provides hunters with a smarter, faster and wildly more efficient option to traditional ground blind technology. This simple-to-use, lightweight design brings reliability, strength and the ability to repel harsh elements without breaking. The AirPack features multiple windows and silent mesh curtains to maximize shot angles and offer all-season comfort for firearm or archery enthusiasts. Offered in two sizes and multiple popular TrueTimber patterns. Coming in mid-2020. 




1) Better quality products & patterns that will give your

store a fresh look

2) TrueTimber dealers get competitive costing against

mass retailers

3) Obtain products from the fastest growing

camo brand in the United States

4) Choose from a large assortment of products in inventory

that are readily available

5) Access to our online wholesale portal that makes shopping

with us easier.



Keep your store stocked for every season.


The Strata Lightweight Collection

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Available Now on the


TrueTimber has the most realistic, best selling camouflage patterns in the world. License with TrueTimber® and take the outdoor market by storm



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